Adoptable dogs on beer cans! Ale Industries teams up with East Bay SPCA to promote adoption

In a bid to put a new spin on the spread of the news about adoptable dogs and cats, the wizards at the craft brewery of beer industries in Oakland has teamed up with the East Bay SPCA to produce a range of beers that feature adoptable dogs and felines on the art of the can.

Dubbed the East Bay IPA Collaboration Project, proceeds from beer sales are used to help the East Bay SPCA continue its mission to promote adoption.

(Photo credit: Trevor Curtis/EyeEm/Getty Images)

“We felt it was important to have as many animals available from the East Bay SPCA as possible on the beer can labels,” brewery CEO Yunyi Zhang said in a statement. declaration about collaboration.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of the number of adorable animals waiting at the East Bay SPCA and how the community can help.”

What kinds of pets will you see on your beer cans?

Bailey is one of the dogs whose adorable image adorns a beer can. She’s a six-year-old Pit Bull looking for either a foster situation or a forever home.

“I’m pretty much a naturally playful, curious, intelligent girl,” says Bailey’s profile on the East Bay SPCA website. “Just take me for a long walk every day; give me something rewarding to do. When I’m done with my work, I’ll curl up next to you while I take a nap.

Besides Bailey, many other dogs feature in the East Bay IPA collaborative project. These include the shaggy Kingsley, the scampish Pebbles and the impatient Trinity.

How can you adopt the dogs on the cans?

Each can of beer included in the East Bay IPA Collaboration Project series features a QR code on the can. The code provides an easy way to get more information about the adoption process for anyone interested in giving one of these pooches a forever home.

According to the Ale Industries Instagram account, they have already been “outmoded” by the response to the campaign.

Have you come across any other creative ways companies use to raise awareness about dog adoption? Do you support businesses that help shelter animals? Tell us about your favorite off-the-beaten-track adoption efforts in the comments below!

Bette C. Alvarado