Dog Musher combines the love of sled dogs with art

Raven Vinter’s dog team in action. Photo courtesy of Raven Vinter.

The Sled Dog Sanctuary located south of Talkeetna provides foster homes for sled dogs in need. Raven Vinter and her partner, James Langston, are avid mushers who have filled a niche to re-enter sled dogs who need special attention. On their 40 acres there is a lot of work maintaining a dog park, maintaining trails and feeding 22 dogs. A special bond develops in the process of breeding these dogs. Raven Vinter uses her artwork to capture the essence of these dogs so she can remember their unique personalities beyond their years.

KTNA’a Katie Writer spoke with Raven Vinter about the therapeutic aspect of her art.

The Iditarod is attracting a lot of attention around the world which shows the iconic Alaskan Husky teams traversing the wilderness. Although much of the focus is on the racing aspect of the sport, there are inevitably some dogs that need rehoming. Two mushers from the Upper Susitna Valley focused their lives

A work in progress on art inspired by dogs adopted by Raven. Photo courtesy of Raven Vinter

provide homes for dogs in need.

Although there is an adoption option for some dogs, many do not do well with rehoming. As a non-profit organization, Sled Dog Sanctuary has created a way for people to adopt a dog online by offering a monthly or annual financial contribution. Sled Dog Sanctuary dogs can be seen at: and works of art seen at:

Bette C. Alvarado