Northern Idaho Animal Shelter Brings Adoptable Dogs To Spend Time With Healthcare Workers

Better Animal Alliance organizes anti-stress for healthcare workers
Credit: Better Animal Alliance

SANDPOINT, Idaho — Nothing beats petting adoptable puppies.

This is why the Better Together Animal Alliance held an anti-stress event with adoptable dogs for healthcare workers on Tuesday.

Bonner General Health’s health heroes were also treated to coffee and donuts during the stress relief event.

Last week, 4 News Now reporter Elenee Dao entered Bonner General’s ICU. She spoke to some healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic who said they love their jobs, but aren’t sure how long they could keep doing it.

People often die and doctors and nurses said they didn’t know how much longer they could endure.

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The Better Together Animal Alliance wanted to thank healthcare workers for all they do for the community and cuddling dogs was one way of doing that.

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Bette C. Alvarado